Fellow Optician,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join an organization that supports you and the profession of Opticianry. We, the Opticians Association of NJ, are your voice with the State as we constantly monitor legislative and regulatory affairs and legal cases that affect you and your license. Our mission at the OANJ is to promote and protect the profession of Opticianry through education, leadership, and professionalism – for our members and the patients we serve. We are committed to promoting awareness and understanding of the profession, and a major focus of that effort is done so through our lobbying efforts. Other organized interests are always looking at new ideas to increase their profits – and that’s why your dues are invested into making sure it’s not at the expense of licensed opticians or the quality of care our profession offers.

Did you know that many Opticians do not give a second thought about the dynamics of their profession? Unfortunately, this apathy has led us down of path of potential extinction – you need to look no farther than the fact that more than half don’t even have licensure for opticians. As other professions progress and increase their value in the marketplace, Opticians have let their value as health care professionals slowly slip away. Dental technicians can make up to $40.00 per hour. Ophthalmology assistants can make up to $45.00 per hour. Many Opticians don’t make half of this salary. As a matter of fact, some of the chains have been capping their salaries and attempting to find ways around using licensees or allowing non-licensed personnel to perform the functions that are legally reserved for Licensed Opticians. While other allied health care professions have taken great strides to improve themselves in the health care arena, Opticians continue to lag behind. We have allowed non-licensed personnel to illegally perform the duties and functions which ONLY Licensed Opticians should be performing. In some cases chains have hired lay personnel to manage their optical offices, hired minimal licensed staff members, and allow non-licensed personnel to handle most of the technical job functions.

The OANJ is the only organization in the State that speaks with a voice for the Licensed Optician. Without a viable Opticians Association and the members to support us, State lawmakers and regulators would have a much easier road towards placing the oversight of our profession under another Board or eliminating us outright. So why not join a group that lets your voice be heard so that our treasured profession does not to fall victim to those who are motivated, organized, and against us? You are the key to our success and our viability.

Did you know that in 2018 the State Board is conducting random CE audits. This past May 1 in 5 opticians received CE audits. Those found not in compliance will receive an initial fine for falsely reporting that they have their credits plus an additional fine for each missing credit. The OANJ is committed to providing quality education. The OANJ maintains records of your CE’s and provides members a FREE transcript upon request, while non-members are charged a service fee. No more worries about lost certificates. Members enjoy real discounts at all of our Continuing Education seminars that we offer throughout the state, as well.

Lastly, please consider this – compared to other options for continuing education in our state, for less than $1 per week additional cost you can be a member of the OANJ and help make the organization stronger. Wouldn’t you pay 2.5 cents per hour worked towards the professional organization that is protecting your license, your occupation, your ability to earn?

With a goal of having more members and a stronger voice, we are now offering more options at a lower cost to you to make membership and your educations costs even more affordable.

To become a member please fill out the attached application today!  Pass this message along to your colleagues as well. We need all opticians to become members to support the organization that supports you!

Be sure to visit us at OANJ.ORG to see what’s new exciting and ever evolving in the field of Opticianry. I look forward to meeting and greeting you at the next OANJ Event.


Danielle Vigilotti